Do I need to do the course in order get a website?

No, but it will help you understand all the power and tools you can use to be successful online. Contact us if you already know what you want and would like to get up and running quickly.

Can I keep my website after I finish building it?

Yes! You can keep your website. You will have to pay for hosting, but we offer 2 types of packages.
Package 1: $49.95/Mth (Keep everything that you currently have)
Package 2: $19.95/Mth (Keep your current website, but you will not have access to the pro features including a Membership area, Online Store and Newsletters )

Can I contact you if I have questions or need help?

Of course, we are here to help. If it is a quick question, we'll be happy to point you in the right direction. If it requires more in depth assistance, we'll let you know if there will be a cost.

I want to sell digital products, can you help?

Yes, we offer a custom service to help you sell videos, music or other files.

Do you provide email addresses with my website?

Yes, we provide you email addresses with both Package 1 and Package 2

Do you provide stats for my website?

Yes we provide stats to see how many visitors you get.

Can you help me manage my site?

Yes we do offer management services. Please contact us for more detail


Do you offer a money back for the course?

If you are not satisfied in any way after the first week of the course, let us know, and we will refund your money!


Who is Global Online Solutions Inc.?

Global Online Solutions Inc. is an American based company that specializes in web development. They provide all the servers and website technology, in order for this course to be a success.

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